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 ‘DIRECT DESIGN SOLUTIONS’ is an interactive tool which enables the user to produce outline designs and obtain performance specifications, AGL layouts and schematics, bill of quantities and budget supply and installation costs as required.  The tool is user friendly, simple and easy to use, one enquiry, one detailed solution provided instantaneously, on line, on time.

The system is intended to provide designers and contractors’ assistance in airfield development and upgrade programs, but can equally be utilised for concept design and tender stages. 
Our data base is constantly updated to ensure compliance with current international and local standards and recommendations.  The detailed design stage requires more of a human interface and for this reason we advise contacting our design team directly whose services may be called upon to provide expanded design solutions and detailed specifications to see you through the detailed design, construction and maintenance phases. 

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The on line design tool is user friendly, simple and easy to use. For basic concept design and budget cost exercises information can be obtained real-time, just input your requirements for immediate on screen response.

This service is intended purely for conceptual and budget exercises and will be limited to registered subscribers.  You can sign up for individual, group or annual unlimited access.



First you will need to register your company, select a user name and password and you will be provided with access to our online input tool behind which is an expansive data base of aviation related data, standards and specifications.

Input your data as detailed below and we will immediately respond with a quotation together with a design brief assessment of your requirements and you then simply choose to accept or decline.

The output is usually instantaneous however for more complex enquiries there may be a short process time.  You can be assured your enquiry will be dealt with in a timely manner and you can monitor progress at any time on line by logging into your account or by calling our help desk.

Once downloaded your records are held on local secure servers with no public access so we can assure you that your information is safe and we guarantee information will not be passed or made available to any third party.



Once logged in, select ‘new project’ or you can access and update or change ‘previous projects’

Input the project criteria, airfield location and basic dimensions into the fields provided, select your specific requirements and relevant standards from the tick lists and submit the enquiry

Standard input data required:


   To help determine standards and specification requirements ICAO, CAP, Local CARRS, FAA etc.)

   Code and Category

   The current or proposed code and category for the airfield and code for each taxiway/taxilane and apron parking stands.


   To determine the correct lighting patterns and configurations are chosen, the proposed minimum RVR for taxiing, departures and arrivals are required


   Lengths and widths of relevant manoeuvring areas runways, taxiways and aprons etc including presence of shoulders, intersections and hard standings. 


   Details of proposed taxiway exits, RET’s, parallel taxiways, runway crossings, aircraft routing, perimeter and access roads and tracks, fire access, location of Navaids etc.

   Co ordinates

   In addition to the basic dimensions, coordinates of key points would be of great assistance in ensuring accurate data output.  Coordinates of Thresholds are a minimum             requirement.


   In all cases the provision of layout drawings would be more beneficial to our teams to ensure accurate output data, however layouts can be developed by us with further input data from the client.


   Locations, configuration and dimensions of Substations, ATCT, ARFF, Terminal, Security, and Engineering buildings will be required to determine feed cable routes and provision of associated power supply, communications and control and monitoring system equipment.
Output is initially in tabular format provided in PDF files detailing the basic AGL requirements and quantities for your provided input. 
Layouts and schematics, if requested, are provided in PDF format however you may wish to select a CAD version which will be provided in a scale and orientation suitable for export to overlay onto your base drawings.  For CAD outputs, coordinated input criteria must be provided.  
Bills of quantities and schedules are available in various formats and can be basic or as detailed as you require for your particular needs.
Specifications can be provided for the installation, systems, materials and component parts and they will be based upon your location and the relevant standards in that particular locality.
Budget costs can be extracted if required to provide a ‘rough order of costs’ for your chosen scheme. 

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